Boost your iOS IAA revenue.

Learn more about the new approach to monetising first-party data.

Earn more money from  iOS opt-out users.

Manage your apps, ad units, and use behavioural analysis to run user acquisition campaigns on your own titles.


Get in front of users more likely to click.

Use behavioural patterns and tailored campaigns to deliver your campaign to users more likely to click and install.

Unlock the full potential of your ad monetisation

Nefta’s privacy-safe solution allows you to deliver personalised ads to all countries and all users, regardless of their opt-in status.


First-Party Data

The only solution that allows you to monetise your first-party data. Identify the in-app events that drive retention and increase revenue.


Customized Campaigns

Tailored campaigns for the type of audience you are targeting. Publishers can even run acquisition campaigns for their own titles.

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Privacy Compliant

Adhering to the principles of privacy by design, our solution aligns seamlessly with privacy regulations like GDPR and ATT.